Inductive approach is a more effective and beneficial way to present grammar to young learners than deductive approach

Crespín González, Nataly Concepción and Escobar Villanueva, Jessica Marlene and Pichinte Serrano, María Lidia (2010) Inductive approach is a more effective and beneficial way to present grammar to young learners than deductive approach. Bachelor thesis, Universidad de El Salvador.


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This bibliographical research is focused on two approaches to teaching grammar: the inductive approach (rule-discovery), which presents first multiples examples of the rule and learners have to discover the rules by themselves, and a deductive approach (rule-driven), which means that the grammar rules are first verbalized by the teacher and then the learners apply it through practice. Researchers argue that inductive approach is more effective and beneficial to present grammar to young learners according to the outcomes or results from the experts. In order to support the investigation the following bibliographical sources were consulted such as books, journals, articles, essays by different experts and an interview addressed to some English Grammar teachers from The Foreign Language Department of The University of El Salvador. This investigation contains: objectives, rationale, essay, methodology, bibliography and webbliography. The objectives in which the essay centres, in other words to argue the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of the two approaches mentioned above of the bibliographical research, one general and two specific. In Rationale it is described how, what for, and why about the essay; the methodology which explains the process how this bibliographical research was carried out and finally the bibliography and webbliography that show where the information was taken.

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