Factors that could determine higher education quality in the Foreign Languages Departament at the University of El Salvador

Maravilla de Alvarado, Rocío Licett and Urrutia Rivera, Roxana Valeria and Ulloa Moreno, Luisa Patricia (2010) Factors that could determine higher education quality in the Foreign Languages Departament at the University of El Salvador. Bachelor thesis, Universidad de El Salvador.


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Nowadays, the concept of quality is conceived as one of the vital approaches to excellence, this does not exclude Higher Education. Quality development and achievement is not a new international concern. One of the first steps towards quality was the implementation of the European Bologna Treaty. This treaty challenged most European nations to improve and standardize their educational systems. Along with the enormous changes the Bologna Treaty brought about for the European higher educational system, it also influenced Latin American higher education institutions in their struggle towards quality. (One of the main objectives of the Bologna Treaty was to standardize European education by offering common academic degrees and promoting quality standards that would be part of all European countries’ higher education systems. The treaty was named after the place where it was proposed, the University of Bologna in the Italian city of Bologna. It was signed in 1999 by Ministers of Education from 29 European countries.) Differently from European educational systems though, Latin American countries´ higher education systems had to deal with a broad variety of quality issues, such as: Overcrowded universities, deteriorating physical facilities, lack of equipment, obsolete instruction material, and outdated curricula which plagued their higher education systems. In addition to the issues previously mentioned, Latin American countries had to make an extra effort to cope with the weak learning outcomes in primary and secondary education. These issues demanded Latin America to devote significant time and resources to improve the skills of those higher education students’ who were ill-prepared for higher education. In a similar way to the European nations’ Bologna Treaty, Latin American countries implemented the Tuning project, which looked forward to generating and strengthening higher education quality, as well as standardizing educational contents in the region. In spite of the efforts made, Latin America still had to work out issues such as: Extremely different technological, political, social, and educational realities that created a deep gap between higher education in Latin America and Europe (Tuning Project, 2007). This initiative was based on the European Bologna Treaty and it attempted to comply with the standards established by the educational system controlled by each country’s government. Furthermore, it took into consideration the educational contents and structures that were part of educational institution’s requirements and laws. With the intention of creating and sustaining quality, Central America also made its part. An example of this is the creation of the Higher Education and Accreditation System, SICEVAES, which creation was proposed by the Consejo Superior Universitario Centroamericano (CSUCA, Statement on current case CSUCA UES, Central American Higher University Council November 28th, 2005.). According to the Higher Educational Law (Ley de Educación Superior) of El Salvador, universities are free to create their own policies, mission, or vision among other particular aspects. To regulate this freedom in El Salvador, as well as in other Central American nations, the SICEVAES mission is to regulate, evaluate, and accredit the quality of Higher Education institutions (Duran, Gonzalez, Moran, Moreno, Faculty Quality in Foreign Language Department at University Level in El Salvador, 2004).

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