Education and practice of values need to become part of a professional formation in the FLD

Guevara Aguilar, Daniel Enrique and Campos Maldonado, Ledwin Geovany and Novoa Segura, Daniel Alexander (2009) Education and practice of values need to become part of a professional formation in the FLD. Bachelor thesis, Universidad de El Salvador.


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Good education, this subject matter has become quite thought-provoking since it is said this is what young generations lack of. Many parents wonder if there is a correct way to educate their children. They feel really worried about the kind of world their family live in and what they will teach them so they can be righteous people. Yes, the concern of the lack of moral values has dramatically risen in recent years. To many parents, the dealing with the abuse of drugs, the moral relaxation and even the lack of values is a matter or extraordinary concern. Educating people is a huge topic with no accurate recipe. There is no one who can say -being astonishingly truthful- the correct manner to rise children with proper morality. This work contains a broad perspective of humanizing the education delivered. Application of moral values and humanization as the core of education is the focus. The Foreign Language Department is not the exception in this matter. It does not include in the curriculum a continuum of moral values throughout the courses in the curriculum of the FLD. This research portrays the perception of all components of the Foreign Language Department on this matter. Also, it establishes a relation between the role of values in secular education, psychology. The involvement of educators in transmitting values to their students as well as the consequences or effects of this acting is discussed, too.

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