Instructional pronunciation techniques applied in the intermediate english classroom semester II/2011 of the Foreign Language Department of the University of El Salvador

Turcios Maltez, Kelly Maria and Nery Mendez, Jose David (2012) Instructional pronunciation techniques applied in the intermediate english classroom semester II/2011 of the Foreign Language Department of the University of El Salvador. Bachelor thesis, Universidad de El Salvador.


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With the development of international communication and the growth in technology, learning a second language has become an important goal worldwide. Teachers and students pursue to gain and increase their knowledge in order to be able to function and work in society (Callahan, 2005; Carhill, Suarez-Orozco, and Paez, 2008; Dodge & Kendall, 2004; Kheimets & Epstein, 2001; Zhiming, 2003). English as one of the most spoken languages around the world is an important tool for development, therefore it is significant, for our country growth and development, to learn and have English instruction to form part of the competitive world we live in nowadays; since this language is the primary model of international communication (Cincarek, Gruhn, Hacker, Noth, & Nakamura, 2009; Isaacs, 2008; Munro & Derwing, 2008). The importance of this lays in the fact that knowledge is the master key for the development of our future as professionals as well as the increased of our personal relationships due to it help us to socialize with people all over the world. Learning English not only implies learning how to speak but also to learn everything about the language and everything it encompasses, for instance; the four macro skills: Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading. All of these components are the core of the language and they are all what we need to say we know and speak English. As well as the four macro skills there are sub skills that we need to take into consideration for learning. The researchers focused this research on one of these sub skills, the one considered as the most important; this sub skill is English Pronunciation; a good English communication depends of proper pronunciation because it increases understanding between the speakers. With this research the researchers aimed to describe what the most used pronunciation instructional techniques are in the intermediate English classrooms in the foreign languages department of the University of El Salvador. On this paper, the researchers included the research questions that led this work, a literature review that envelops many different sources of information related to the research. With all the information the researchers gathered they found seven techniques suggested by different authors that were the most common, hence, the research was conducted with the purpose of finding out what are the most used ones among those seven. It also describes the methodology applied to collect the data. Furthermore, the researchers presented the findings along with the conclusions based on the data collected and analyzed and some recommendations that can be taken into consideration for pronunciation instruction.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Subjects: 400 Lenguas > 420 Inglés e inglés antiguo
Divisions: Facultad de Ciencias y Humanidades > Licenciatura en Idioma Inglés Opción Enseñanza
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Date Deposited: 18 Nov 2019 16:55
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