Key influences on student success at the University of El Salvador

Barrientos Martínez, Tania Margarita and BatresTrigueros, Agustín de Jesús and Vigil Sánchez, Oliver Enrique and Rodríguez Durán, Edelmira Natividad (2010) Key influences on student success at the University of El Salvador. Bachelor thesis, Universidad de El Salvador.


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The present graduation work is an argumentative essay and its topic is “Key Influences on Student Success at the University of El Salvador” which shows how the students who attend the University of El Salvador can get better opportunities to finish their majors successfully. High school graduates in the country start facing difficulties just to be accepted at the only state-funded university. They do not receive the correct counseling from their high schools or family and friends, and they find it almost impossible to enter the university. This essay is intended to explain the major factors that help students to be successful at this higher level of studies. These keys are: Family Involvement, Expectations, College Involvement, Economic Aid and Tuition Waivers, Time Management, Responsibility vs. Control, Wellness, and Task Precision. Family Involvement, refers to the importance that family plays in the completion of a student`s major. This starts from the moment the high school graduate applies to enter to the university and it continues until the girl or boy completes his school plan. Expectations are also a key where students are able to think of what to expect for themselves in the future, in terms of having a successful career; but while they are studying they can also have expectations during the period of time in which they finish their major such as finishing on due time, doing the best performance, and getting any kind of recognition when graduating. College involvement is related to the role the university plays in terms of helping the students to succeed. The school must have all the necessary physical implements; also its faculty must be strong enough to fulfill the major’s needs. The Economic Aid and Tuition Waivers keys deal with the importance of having enough economic support to attend school. Scholarships are also mentioned in this work since they are very important because many students are able to finish their major and to do a better performance in class. These students have the obligation of getting good grades to keep their academic status. Time Management tells us how students learn to manage their time at school and home. They learn to plan ahead and to determine time constraints to complete assignments successfully. Responsibility vs. Control is a key that tells students to be responsible with all the activities inside the university and to have control over them for not failing any subject. Wellness advises students to keep, in general, good health and to take into consideration behavioral symptoms such as constant stress, sleeplessness, poor nutrition, or depression since they affect the quality of life. Task Precision refers to how to complete every task in class or homework in an effective way since by doing an excellent research, achieving all the information for the homework, or being very persuasive at any oral presentation, the student will get a better grade from the teacher and will not fail any course.

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