The importance of English for the Engineering and Medicine Schools´ Faculty´ at the University of El Salvador

Rivas de Hernández, Leonora Estela and Pacheco González, Eldy Yanira and Crespín Gómez, Carina Lissette and Campos Palacios, Sandra Carolina (2012) The importance of English for the Engineering and Medicine Schools´ Faculty´ at the University of El Salvador. Bachelor thesis, Universidad de El Salvador.


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English has become a worldwide language and there is no doubt about its importance in the present time. Many reasons can be mentioned to the spread of English, for example; the expansion of communication among people around the world through internet; also it is said that it is the language of science and technology, and its presence is remarked in medicine, engineering, education, tourism and in the entire world of business as well. The evolution that this society experiences especially related tote phenomenon of globalization requires having skilled professionals to face the challenges of this world. The English Language Revolution is intrinsically tied in with the progression of a technological global world and professional development. English has a big importance in most of the professional areas but it is necessary to say that there are some of them where English is considered as a fundamental tool of development. It can be said that English also helps professionals to develop themselves not only in their fields of work but also as a component in their professional growth. It is unfortunate that even though the clear evidence of the importance of the English Language is stated, there are still some professionals who do not show any interest at all about its learning. The perspective of non English-speaking professionals whose field the English Language is not demanded may not be concerned in the language. Based on the fact that learning English is essential, its use is present in almost all areas of knowledge and professional growing; practically, English is the Lingua Franca in this era of globalization; for that reason, nobody around the world ignores that English is a synonymous of progress and excellence in the professional development in a global higher education. The domain of English represents big opportunities for human beings in our society which demands not just one language to survive in any work field. In this sense, English plays a key role among professionals of education, especially, in Engineering and Medicine schools where the knowledge of second Language to develop academic activities is essential. The research project will be focused on the importance of English for the Engineering and Medicine schools ́ faculty ́ at the University of El Salvador, as well as, it describes and identifies the advantages of mastering English in the use of the technology.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Subjects: 400 Lenguas > 420 Inglés e inglés antiguo
Divisions: Facultad de Ciencias y Humanidades > Licenciatura en Idioma Inglés Opción Enseñanza
Depositing User: Santos Sanchez Rodriguez
Date Deposited: 02 Mar 2020 20:27
Last Modified: 02 Mar 2020 20:27

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