Translation of images, legal and academic documents by following a translation process in english and spanish languages

Nuñez García, Karla Elizabeth and Vasquez Ruiz, Lourdes Marcela and Rosales Aguilar, Katherine Gabriela and Portillo García, Gabriel Eliseo (2022) Translation of images, legal and academic documents by following a translation process in english and spanish languages. Bachelor thesis, Universidad de El Salvador.


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The report discusses the definition of the translation process and provides insights into each phase involved, highlighting the challenges and techniques encountered. Additionally, it presents a compilation of the translation projects undertaken during the specialization course, encompassing a diverse range of documents, such as birth certificates, university and high school diplomas, academic transcripts, an article on the digestive system, a user manual for mp5 player, a marriage certificate and an automotive magazine detailing the workings of a Toyota vehicle engine. The translation process entails several interconnected stages. Firstly, a thorough analysis of the source text is conducted to grasp its meaning, intent, and cultural nuances. Following this, appropriate strategies and techniques are employed to ensure accurate transfer of the source text's message into the target language. The subsequent phase involves the actual translation, where linguistic and cultural aspects are considered, and creativity is employed to convey the original meaning effectively. Post-translation, rigorous editing and proofreading are carried out to refine the target text and ensure linguistic coherence and precision. Finally, a quality assessment is conducted to evaluate the fidelity of the translation in comparison to the source text. This report sheds light on the complexities of the translation process and showcases the practical application of acquired skills through a diverse set of translation projects. It underscores the importance of linguistic proficiency, cultural understanding, and attention to detail in achieving accurate and effective translations.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: translation process, linguistic proficiency, cultural understandin, practical skills, diverse documents
Subjects: 400 Lenguas > 440 Lenguas romances. Francés
Divisions: Facultad de Ciencias y Humanidades > Licenciatura en Lenguas Modernas: Especialidad en Frances e Inglés
Depositing User: Msc Carlos Ferrer
Date Deposited: 22 May 2023 16:43
Last Modified: 22 May 2023 16:43

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